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Readiness Workshop:
Self-Discovery and Readiness workshop is based on the program of Conscious Dating where Self-Discovery and Readiness is the foundation.
Self-Discovery and Readiness workshop is the crucial yet novel workshop that allows Singles to deeply   and profoundly understand themselves and their Life vision, what they want in a relationship and in a   partner and develop an action plan for it in an interactive lively style away from the traditional theoretical teaching modes.

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Survive Parenting Workshop:
Parenting is a relationship; and may be considered the most important relationship we have. But why  do we struggle, suffer and lose the fun that should be there. And how our suffering affects our kids not only in their current life but surely affects how they turn to be parents in the future.
What is missing?  What are we doing wrong?

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Conscious Living Workshop:
Life is really all about relationships; but the most important relationship is the one you have with “self”. It is the root from which everything else in your life develops and will dictate whether you are successful or not.
Why? Because when you become clear about what you want, you will make conscious choices that support your goals. You will consciously and intentionally take the necessary actions needed to achieve exactly what you want. The more self-aware you are, the more fulfilled and happy your life would be.

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Attraction Workshop:
Attraction workshop is based on the program of Conscious Dating where Self-Discovery and Readiness is the foundation and attraction is the real implementation in the real world.
The “Attraction” stage provides the tools, information, and support needed to put into practice what you have learned about yourself, and will help you develop and execute your “Attraction Plan” so you can find the love you deserve. Attracting your ideal partner requires planning, awareness, recognizing the opportunities, and taking the actions that support your goals. In this program you will develop a comprehensive plan and strategies for attracting your ideal mate.

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My Money Relationship Workshop:
Money ... some love money – some fear money - we all pursue money – we gain money – we spend money – we invest money – we lose money – we save money and in spite of all this we avoid talking honestly and sincerely about it with friends or family or at work ..

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Couples Workshops:
Falling in love, engagement and marriage are pivotal in our lives. We revolve around these goals dreaming to attain happiness, peace and settle down. Do you think only women think this way?? NO WAY..Men too crave same needs. Then what?? People fall in love, go through relationships and eventually marry. Are they happy?? NO. Why?? A LOT of reasons that no enough article or book can encompass. What to do?? Divorce, Break-up, settle for less?? Not my advice. Start by yourself; learn about yourself, about coupling, love and marriage and acquire the never mentioned couple tools needed to live happily in your relationship. This is exclusively in the great comprehensive series of couple tools workshops; Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4, Level5.  


Communication is the heart of any relationship. How long have humans used language to express themselves, their thoughts, feelings, concerns, fears, dreams and aspirations? And how efficient are they in transmitting their concepts, values, intentions and challenges? If it has been that long, how come at home, work, in the street and everywhere each seem to be talking a totally different language and each is left felt unheard, misunderstood and hurt. If you have extreme trouble communicating with significant people in your life and need a “one shot quick solution”  to get going in your communication, join our 1 day workshop “Communication Map – One for All” - If you want thorough understanding to handle your communication issues, Join our  “Communication Toolkit Workshop” Both are at your finger tips.  

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