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Life & Relationship Coach Yasmin since 2005
I’m Yasmin Abouelhassan, Certified Comprehensive Coach, Licensed Relationship Coach and Founder of the Happy Family Institute, where we help you to focus on your strengths and talents, everything that makes you feel more alive, and we guide you toward bringing them to the surface.

If you are overwhelmed, worried, under stress, anxious or just stuck in a place where you don’t want to be, then it’s time to start down a new path to happiness and success in your life, and we can help.
To us you are the most important person; your happiness is our target.

Your character is unique, you deserve to learn to accept yourself first, study yourself by heart, understand who you are, what you need, what do you want to do and what you want to be.

We don't solve your problems instead we help you find your own answers through:

Discovering who you are, your built-in gifts & talents which are your tools to solving your own challenges.
Utilizing your skills, talents & gifts.
Acquiring all needed skills that help you meet your challenges.
Enjoying making your life choices that sustain your progress and happiness.

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You don’t have to face your struggles alone anymore!

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