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“Yasmin’s excellent scientific background, and her high ethical values, come together to make a highly skilled, genuine, honest and credible person to trust as a life coach.  I recommend her to everyone – and I mean everyone—everybody needs a relationship/life coach”

Myrette El-Sokkari
EFT Coach.


“Yasmin was supportive, good listener, understanding, non judgmental and trustworthy. Her optimism encourages me to move from sadness and anger to acceptance of all life experiences.”  



“Yasmin is a wonderful, cheerful, trustworthy person. She gives hope, clarity and sense of direction.”

Engineer, Trainer, Strategic Consultant
Business Owner


“Not everyone has a heart big enough to accommodate other people's feelings and in this area my dear, you are a maestro radiating remedy melodies to sooth wandering and lonely souls everywhere.”

Amel Abouelhassan
Engineer, Business Coach
Published Author


“Many thanks for you Yasmin. I really appreciate your honesty, your care and your patience with me. You never told me what to do. Your assistance and training influenced my goals. It took me some time to develop but finally, I think I was well trained to set my priority, evaluate my capabilities and proceed with my goals consequently.”



“Thanks a lot Yasmin. I am really thankful for you & I will always remember how positively you affected my life even from few words you told me. Your words were really enough to let me understand a lot of things inside me.”

English teacher


“Thanks to Yasmin for all the efforts she exerted to make my life happier. Again thanks to Yasmin for her efforts, advice, and support and caring.

IT Manager


“I have to admit that when support comes from someone talented or specialist it really helps so much, it makes you discover yourself in a new frame, discover that it is not the end of life that you lose in one battle still there are lots of battles we can win but we only need to face our battle.”



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