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Self Discovery


Conscious Living Coaching: A Journey to Self Discovery
Helps you become clearer about "Who am I?" "What do I want?" and "How do I get what I want?" and addresses areas of your life that may interfere with living your life fully consciously and enjoying your day to day decisions through discovering your Life Purpose and planning your life accordingly.

Coaching activities may include:

•  Relationship history
•  Personality assessment (traits, values, preferences, etc)
•  Identification of goals and action plans
•  Clarify Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants

Program Terms and Conditions:
Expected Duration:             3-6 months
4 weekly sessions/month
60 min
Payment Due:                   
Monthly Payments before the first session of each month.
Support:                           Continuous
e-mail Support through Program Duration.
Rescheduling is requested to be agreed upon prior to the prescheduled session by at least
                                        48 hours
either through a phone call, SMS or an e-mail.
of session value will be deducted if cancellation happens on scheduled day.
In cases of no show-ups or cancellation after scheduled time, 100% of session value
                                        will be
In Cases of repeated cancellation or rescheduling the coach has the right to cancel the
coaching agreement.
Discontinue Strategy:          
You can stop at any time your coaching journey (although not recommended).
Your investment for upcoming sessions will be refunded to you less a 25% value
deduction as administrative fees.

   Phone Sessions                                                                       Face2Face Sessions
for schedualing & pricing

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