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Why I choose Coaching?
10 Reasons are my answer to the question
“WHY I transitioned to Coaching”?


1. For myself; after going through the pains of divorce I wanted a career that as I pursue I develop, grow, learn how to choose my life partner again and how to live happily whether single or married.
2. For My son; I wanted a career that allows me to learn and develop so as to raise my son as a healthy real man, future husband and father and deal with whatever challenges that faces him healthily.


3. I wanted a career that helps people with their personal lives. An area that is left unattended and its deterioration lead to misery, crime and downfall of countries.
4. I wanted to provide a service that:

i. Enriches people’s lives and allow them to celebrate who they are and what they have and enjoy their lives.
ii. Will affect not only the person I serve, but all people who get in contact with them.
iii. Can make the world a great place to live in by allowing people to live in peace, harmony, love and happiness.
iv. Is really crucial and if provided will enhance people’s other aspects of life.

5. I wanted to have an influence in decreasing the divorce rate, rescuing children from ignorant parenting, and regaining the healthy social networks.
6. I wanted to raise personal awareness, responsibility and ability to “Choose” happiness.
7. In the Egyptian Organizations’ World, I wanted a career that address employees’ personal challenges and treat them as humans by helping and allowing them to understand that work and family are equally important and go side by side.


8. A Future Vision; I wanted a career that never gets obsolete. I wanted to provide a service that people will always need.
9. I wanted a Career that provides a continuous learning and friendship with worldwide colleagues with similar mentalities and aspirations.
10. I wanted a career that allows me flexibility in time, variety of tasks, room for creativity and unlimited growth.

I choose Life and Relationship Coaching
Honored to provide the services of life & relationship Coaching.

Yasmin Abouelhassan
Life & Relationship Coach
President & Founder
Happy Family Institute

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