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Bliss Coaching


Bliss Coaching
Helping a committed couple with a functional relationship deepen their emotional intimacy, trust, love, and connection to create the emotionally fulfilling relationship they want.

Coaching activities may include:
               Increasing authentic expression of thoughts, feelings, wants, needs
Ownership of emotional reactivity
Increasing mutual support, trust, safety around emotional vulnerabilities and intimacy
Developing skills, rituals, and practices for deepening emotional, physical, and spiritual connection                  and fulfillment
Program Terms and Conditions:

Expected Duration:
Payment Due:

Discontinue Strategy:

3-6 months
4 weekly sessions/month
2 hrs
Monthly Payments before the first session of each month.
e-mail Support through Program Duration.
Rescheduling is requested to be agreed upon prior to the prescheduled session by at least 48 hours either through a phone call, SMS or an e-mail.
of session value will be deducted if cancellation happens on scheduled day.
In cases of no show-ups or cancellation after scheduled time, 100%
of session value will be deducted.
In Cases of repeated cancellation or rescheduling the coach has the right to cancel the coaching agreement.
You can stop at any time your coaching journey (although not recommended). Your investment for upcoming sessions will be refunded to you less a 25% value deduction as administrative fees.

Face2Face Sessions
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